Theory of Knowledge Essay Practice

“Facts are needed to establish theories but theories are needed to make sense of facts.” Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge.

The world surrounds us is made of facts. Yet, what scientists have been working to do for decades is to generalize those tremendous amounts of facts into rules and laws of this natural world, or in other words, theories. Whilst facts are pieces of information found to be true when observing the natural phenomenon, inter-connected theories provide reasons for the existence of facts. Simply put, the two share a symbiotic relationship, which they both have the ability to substantiate each other, while they cannot stand on its own. These two together created the knowledge that we human beings understand so far and eliminated the doubt that we cast while observing the dynamic world.

Sense perception has contributed to the creation of knowledge and eliminating the doubt in the area of natural sciences. Alchemy, once a popular theory practiced throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, was later diminished. One alchemy theory holds that alchemy is fundamentally spiritual: in the eyes of esoteric and hermetic practitioners, they believe that alchemy can “purify”, or transform, the lead to the gold as an analogy for personal transmutation, purification, and perfection. Another theory states that when lead, wood, fire, and gold are mixed up together, panacea, which is a cure to all diseases in the world, can be created. As the time pass by, these theories gradually faded out of public sights for a reason: they both lacked scientific support and is not observable in the natural world. Since the advocates of these theories never had the ability to produce a solid product that is perceivable by the others, their claims never actually transformed into a real knowledge that was widely accepted by the academic world. This example illustrated the important role the perceivable facts played in transforming a theory into a knowledge.

Although sometimes we need the perceivable evidence to substantiate a proposed theory, the theory itself should be able to make sense of the facts and allow people to better understand the fact itself. Psychology in the human science area of knowledge is a particularly good example to present this practice. In modern psychology, scientists and researcher conduct controlled experiment of human and other animals to better understand the cognitive process of the human. For example, Ivan Pavlov has observed that when the dogs see meat in front of them, the saliva production at their salivary glands increases dramatically. He later on generalized this natural phenomenon into the well-known classical conditioning theory, which is applicable not only to the dog itself but also to human as well as other animals. This simple yet fundamental law has laid the foundation for the behaviorist’s theories, which states that any kind of possible human behavior was enacted by a hidden stimulus. In this example, we have witnessed that the theories actually explain the natural facts and allows us to really understand the natural world around us. In another word, the theories can connect the natural facts of similar traits and grants human the power to evolve and predict future events.

Countless examples can act as the powerful proof of the symbiotic relationship between the human-established theories and natural facts: without proper fact to substantiate the established theories, they can only remain as claims that cannot be widely-recognized; without a well-defined theory to explain the facts in the natural world, human could hardly understand the reason behind the facts and are deprived of the ability to use knowledge to enhance their existing living standards. Only when they are interconnected with each other, we can finally be able to understand the world that we are inhabiting in.

Speech Script: One Thing You Need To Know About China

Recently I have attended the National High School and Primary School English Speaking Competition. I have just made it to the Zhejiang Regional Final! Here is the script of my prepared speech.

Ladies and gentlemen,

China is developing at its fastest speed that one had never imagined before, and there are countless examples for the general public to witness this progress: the bullet train that I just took this morning; the Alipay which made payments much more convenient than ever, and the growing Chinese mobile phone industries that affected millions of lives. All that credit goes to the industrious workers in China, regardless of their skills or status. They are the designers and architects of this ever-evolving society. Today, if you ask me the question about the one thing that you need to know about China, I would answer you without hesitation: that the Chinese people aren’t only smart. The reason for our success is diligence. Read On –

ToK Essay: Which Way of Knowing is More Reliable?

There is a variety of ways to get to know about the world around us. Some of the scholars prefer to use meticulous reasoning to deduct the result of the natural phenomenon in our living world, while others believe in their own sense perceptions. These two ways of knowing have their own pros and cons and depend heavily on the areas of knowledge that they are investigating in.

For example, sense perception is a much more reliable way of knowing in the Natural Science AoK. A good example for this would be the weather of a specific location. Although we can use empirical evidence or formulae to predict the weather in the natural world, the results are still being called “predictions”, which obviously includes possible uncertainties. However, when we use sense perceptions as a way of knowing the weather, it is much more reliable since what we see or feel is definitely the weather in the natural world. Read On –

Chinese Education Failed to Prepare Students for Their Future

Shanghai student’s outstanding performance on the PISA test has successfully aroused worldwide attention. The Chinese government pays great attention to the education because it is tightly associated with country’s future development. However, a high performance on a standardized test is not yet a winning sign of Chinese education. From my perspective, Chinese education failed to develop some crucial skills which are required in the modern society. The reasons behind Chinese education’s incapability include the lack of emphasis on developing critical thinking, creative thinking and communication skills. Read On –

School News Report: Disconnected Nighttime

CHANGSHU – Students will not be able to use the internet anymore during the nighttime, according to a new policy implemented by UWC Changshu school board.

1 a.m. to 5 a.m. is the new internet curfew. That is saying, the internet service will automatically go off during the internet curfew and whether it is for entertainment or academic purpose, no exception would be allowed. You can still see dozens of Wi-Fi connections during the curfew; however, it is like a computer without a screen – there is no use to have them. Read On –

Melodrama Background Research

Melodrama, which made its first appearance in French at the beginning of the eighteenth century (Brooks, 2004), is a theater style that characterized by its stereotypical characters and extended usage of pathos. Unlike other theater styles, which are not free from the values and biases, melodrama is franker in delivering its messages (Ribut, 2011). With 200 years of constant evolution, melodrama continues to appear in films, cartoons, and comics even in present time (Brooks, 2004). Read On –